Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador



Home to me is a safe space that welcomes everyone.Its a place to let go and just be yourself where no one can judge you or make you feel bad.Home is important to me because i share the best feelings in it with the people i love most,my family.Some people just think a home is a place to just watch television and not care about anything else,but to me it is a charishing place to share and enjoy every moment with your pets,friends and family.A home is one of the most important things to a person or a animal because it is a place to come back to after a long,stressful,bad or just a regular day.It is a place that protects you from the outside world or the outside world that you probably won’t want to be in sometimes.A home is a place to hide from a winter storm or to walk out the door to a beautiful summers day.It hurts me to know that some families don’t have a home to charish of their own.I feel sad to know that some adults and kids can’t afford a home or have lost their home.Together we can stop that by entering a small poem or essay and with each entry you raise 10 dollars to help a family in need build a home.

The End