taylor faye

Grade 6



“with you, I am home”. -unknown.
These reasons explain what home means to me most in this world. People, protection, and a caring environment; things that really matter to me make me feel at home. These are the things I ponder about when it comes to thinking about my home.
To me, “home” tells me three -unique reasons. First, how it tells your story. Your lifestyle. personally, I am, and have grown up in a very anti-social environment; I have never been the person to hang with a large group of friends. I have one best friend, and that’s all who I need. The things I enjoy like, sketching, travelling, and video games like ‘The Legend of Zelda’, are because of my lifestyle. It helped me find my dextrous face, and how to make the best out of it. I prepares me for the present.
Secondly, a place where people love you; a place where you are treated the way you should be. A place where you, actually feel loved. It could be your best friends’, the park, even the ISS; home could be anywhere, it’s up to you.
Third, and most importantly; again, it doesn’t have to be your physical house; It could be in-front of the blazing light of the dualshock4 as you snipe noobs out of the air in ‘Star Wars battlefront2’! Or you may feel home, next to a friend that means the world to you. I wouldn’t sacrifice mine for the world; because he makes me feel at home more than anything else in the universe.
There’s more than three good ideas to describe “the meaning of home”; but those really mean something to me. Home can mean lots of things! But it’s all about and what home means to you.