Grade 6



For me, a home is a place where you wouldn’t feel alone under a gray sky and crying clouds.
A home is where you can call anyone family, and help out each other without anything having to be asked, to be trusted.
To have a home is to always be valued and loved no matter what the cause.
To feel safe wherever you are and always be able to look at the good side of everything.
Somewhere where I can see my reflection in the lake, and everything about myself in the mirror.
I can have fun with my family, have adventures, share laughs, and never stop moving forward.
I can always feel the cold mist, but see through the fog. A place where I can see a house but feel a home.
A place where I can be welcomed by any stranger, or welcome any stranger.
When you have a home, you never want to leave.
When you’re at home, you want to stay there no matter the cost.