Grade 6



Home is some where I can be safe not just a building where I live. Its some where I can make sure I cant be called names. Home is a warm cozy place, where my bucket will be filled and not emptied. Home is a place where I can trust the people around me. Home is a feeling that leads to many other feeling of love and warmth. Home is a place where I want to go after any type of day. Home is a place were I am relieved from all my troubles and problems I’ve been through. Home is a place where I can have self-reflect time and think about what I’ve done today. To me home is not even a place sometimes its a feeling. Home is not just somewhere I live its a warm, nice, cozy, feeling I feel when I’m at home. Overall home is a “warm fuzzy” it just means so much to me, to the point where words can’t explain it all.