Angad singh

Grade 5



Hmmm. Home. What is a Home?
A home is a place where you feel safe. A place where you feel loved.
Home is a place where you can laugh or cry. And a place where you can make your wishes come true!

Seeing people outside in the winter makes me cry, because if I was one of them I would have died.

A home is a place where you go home and get comfortable.
And a home is someplace where you can live a longer life.

Also, someplace where you can go out see the river and feel the river splashing at your face. And after you can go sailing on a canoe.

Home is a place where everything is magical.
Where everything around you keep changing.

A place where cold snow falls on your frozen cheeks. And in summer you play amazing sports, and ooh those dekes!

That’s why everyone deserves a home, no matter what shape either rectangle or dome!
That’s why I’m not the only person to be happy to call the world our biggest one and only home!