Grade 6



A home to me is where you can love, live, and laugh. A home to me is where you’re not made fun of for your differences. A home to me is where your loved ones are. You can move from house to house, but your home is here to stay. A home is where you feel safe. A home is where there are people you love, feel safe with, and people who can support you and encourage you. In a house there’s objects, in a home there are people you love. A house is made from wood and bricks a home is made from love and meaning. A home doesn’t need to be perfect it just has to be united. A home is where you care for people and touch hearts. You are born into a home not alone but with a mom and a dad maybe just a dad or just a mom maybe a sister or a brother maybe both but no matter what you are loved by many not just family but friends to.