Grade 5



A home is a place you feel protected. A home is not about a roof or a bed, it’s about family and joy you bring inside people. A home is where you are safe and secure. A home is where you’d get noticed for who you are. You’d be cared for. Everyone plays a role in a family, cleaning the house or taking care of little siblings. As long as you have a family you’ll feel warmth, you’ll be accepted for who you are. It’s about family not a place. You will always be loved,. A home is family and friends. You will be protected no matter what. In a family there’s forgiveness. Forgive people when they make mistakes. If you hope for stuff it might happen. A home is about family and friends not beds and couches! Every time I sleep, I dream about my family. I don’t dream to have a better house because some people don’t even have houses, so be grateful for what you have. I believe that everyone should have a home. Homes are not about walls and a roof, they’re about family and friends and even pets. But you should always remember that you are loved by family even if they’re millions of miles away. Be fortunate for what you have not everyone is as fortunate as you are.