Grade 6

New Brunswick


To me home isn’t just a roof and walls.
Home is a special place where you feel loved.
A place full of memories.
A place I don’t feel judged.
A place I can be myself.
A place I can run and play.
A place I grew up and will continue to grow.
Home is also somewhere I am surrounded with life and colors.
Somewhere I can do what I want.
Somewhere I’m not constantly bossed around.
Somewhere I can live my life.
Somewhere I can choose my path.
To others home means having a place to stay.
To me home means a place I am surrounded with love and joy.
A place I feel safe.
A place I can feel a little emotional.
A place where the people I love except me for who I am.
I understand that many family’s need a home and this writing piece will
hopefully help someone In need for a place to call there own.
A place they feel safe and cared for.
A place they can sleep in a warm and cozy bed.
A place they can create memories and grow.