Grade 5




What home means to me. When my family is all together, and playing our favourite games, Telestrations and Clue. It is so fun playing games together, even though my Dad usually wins. Whenever we do anything together we usually laugh, but we laugh the most when we play games. I love laughing with my family, and I am lucky because I have a very funny family. Both of my Uncles and my Dad are the funniest, though. Home is fun.

Family also means my best friends, Jordyn, Mayra, Niamh, and Mackenzie. Even though they are not family, they still feel like it. If I could invite anyone into my family, it would probably be them. We always have good laughs together because they all are very, very funny. We always hang out together, and go to each others homes sometimes. That is why I have a lot of friends.

My home might be the safest place I know. It is so safe because my family is there, and our home is our home. No one else’s. I do everything in my home. I play games with our family and friends, we make pizza, watch movies, have friends over and play on the Nintendo Switch, but most of all, we have fun doing everything inside our home. Treat your home how it treats you.