Grade 6



Home is a place where you your family in place. It makes you feel safe since you know the people that you live with. So, you all will have fun together like watch movies eat dinner have game night go fishing with my dad and camping and praying to God that how thankful for food and family.
How does home help me get work done? Home helps me get work done because have more time. You can also get help for your work from your parent’s older brother older sister grandparents. They might have the same experience of the same topic as you.
How does home can be your family in one place. Home can be your family in one place home because you live with your family and if you don’t live family. Even if you don’t live your family and you live with your roommate ‘for example’. They could be family to because they live with you. You have lunch dinner and breakfast lunch and dinner and breakfast and that is family:)