Grade 6



Home isn’t four walls and an address. Home is a place where you feel like you belong. Home is a place where you are meant to be, you should be with people who care about you and love you. It’s a place where you can kick off your shoes and live life without worry. Home really is more than just a place.
Quick question: do you ever feel the pressure to be cautious and do everything “proper” at someone else’s house, if you have, that’s not home. Home is a place where you can be relaxed and not have to do everything properly. Home is a place with a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
Home is love and home is family and family is forever. My family makes me feel welcomed and loved. I know they love me. We like to enjoy a board game together.
Home is way more than you probably think. Home is love, family, belonging, calmness, and understanding. That is truly what home means to me.