Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home by Cameron butler

Hi my name is Cameron and I am here to talk to you about what a home is. A home is a very important place and I think that some people take advantage of the resources they have compared to some people who don’t have a home even so that is what this essay is going to be about so hope you enjoy.

So to start off a home is a place where you can always come back to and savour the time while you are there. Sometimes you don’t stay in the exact home so you move but you can still get a new home. A home is where you’re family stays and where you live.

Sometimes you’re parents can get something called a divorce it is when you live in two seperate homes they are still both your houses because some of your family is there home is where the heart is and that’s where it should stay.

Some people don’t have a home and that’s the thing that we should all pitch in to try and help them find a home they have to sleep on cold hard ground eat from a dumpster and even sometimes steal but they usually don’t steal but I can’t imagine that life so I think that should change.

So that’s what I think hopefully you think that it was ok a home is a very important place and don’t take that away from you. Thank you for you’re time.

Your awesome companion Cameron Butler