Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador



Home. What comes to your mind when I say the word home? Maybe your house or houses. A building probably. But home doesn’t have to be a building. Home can be wherever you feel safe, if that’s at your house then that’s were your home is. but for some people their home might not be at their house maybe there are troubles at there house. So they feel as if there home is in school were they feel safe. It’s different for everybody. Some people believe their home is where all their possessions are. For other people it’s where your family or friends are. For others home is where they feel safe and supported. Home has many meanings and it all depends what you believe. For some people it’s hard to make a home. If you move to a new house that doesn’t feel like home. Well maybe for you it isn’t. For me my home is where my family is. My family including the close friends that feel like family. I can’t imagine a Home without them all. Some people have many homes and some people don’t have any homes. Hopefully this essay gets some kid out there a home. Where they can feel happy safe and surrounded by friends and family.