Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia


Home is a place where it doesn’t matter your race.
Home is filled with love and all of the above,
clothes on my back and I don’t have to pack.
My home is peaceful and calm,
I hug my parents in hope and joy,
playing with my dog and her toy.
The scent of baking fills the air,
the time I wish to spare.
The years go by,
I grow, we grow and we all love one another.
I see friends walk through the door.
I have a new score!
We play Uno till we laugh.
My home is big and full, who knows what will happen next!
My home is active,loud, proud, sporty and adventurous.
I cuddle my dog in my bed, her soft fur up against me.
As the sun fades and the stars awaken,
my dreams knock on the door, In bed, a pillow under my head, I am asleep.
I don’t have to worry what will come tomorrow other than a quiz. With a roof over me my home is safe and secure.
My home is perfect in every way.

That’s what home is to me.