Grade 6

New Brunswick


Habitat for humanity has a place for someone without a place.
Tulips blooming like the homes that so many need.

My home is a place of memories hanging on walls.
My home is a place where I’m always myself.
My home is a place of family bonds.
My home is a place of my favourite foods.
My home is a place of my happiness.

Home is a house with care.
Home is where a family can bond.
Home is a place with food that’s made with love.
Home is where with a roof of love above your head.
Home is salvation.

Some have a need for a home and habitat for humanity is giving them a home a box of Hope.Happiness and Love.

“Just like walking in the sand a home leaves a mark”-Unknown-
“A home can blind us to what only the poor can see”-Unknown-

“Home is life”-Unknown-