Grade 6

New Brunswick


To me, home is more than just a place.
Home is where I feel safe.
Love, comfort, laughter and fun,
Home is a place for everyone.

I come home to my siblings, step mom and dad.
My family is totally rad!
Watch movies, play games and share,
Home is a place where we all care.

When I open the door I see my baby sister.
She gets so excited and I think “oh I missed her!”
I see my dad cooking supper it’s like I can taste it from my room. While I wait I listen to music. {BOOM!}
A home is more than just a roof and walls.
Home is where you get picked up when you fall.
Home is where even if you’re holing a grudge,
It’s a place where you’ll never be judged.

We need to make things right!
Let’s put up a fight!
When I heard of habitat for humanity I was so glad!
Because thinking of the homeless is so sad.