Grade 6



Home. It can be spelled in different ways all around the world but your home is unique just like your fingerprint. Home doesn’t necessarily have to be a house but it usually is. A Lot of people all around the world are homeless we are just so caught up in our busy lives to stop and help out. Someone can become homeless in lots of ways; some get kicked out of their childhood home most recently a lot of young children have been kicked out for being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, some get laid off and can’t get another job, some adults have kids and can’t afford daycare so they have to stay with them which in turn means they cant work. Some run away from abusive relationships and end up homeless. There are too many homeless people in the world to not pay any attention to this very serious problem that can be solved very easily.

What does Home mean to me, home means Happiness, Joy, Comfort, family, Security, love and luckiness to be able to have Food, family and a roof over our heads. My family have gone through a lot together and I can’t imagine how we could get by without a home to relax and unwind in. Home is kind of like an education you can’t get far without an education and you can’t get very far without a home.

I hope that because of this piece of writing another person can feel what home feels like and enjoy having that special tingle in your stomach when you feel loved and safe, I most often get this feeling when the lights go out and you play cards. It’s the best! I hope someone else will feel it too.