Grade 6



When I think of home, I think of all the feelings I get when I am there. Home doesn’t necessarily mean your house, mostly because your home is something you feel within your heart, but it can be one of the reasons that make home a special place. To me, home is where memories are held, and dreams are made, and goals are accomplished.

Home is also a place that comforts you when you are in fear. A place that keeps you safe, from storms or even days where the sun is shining so bright it hurts your eyes and burns your ears. Your home is where stories are made and shared, getting passed down from relative to relative. Home is where you always see your family and eat dinner together. Where you get into fights with your older siblings and give hugs to your younger siblings.

Home also is your friends and guardians are because friends are always where home is. Whenever you’re feeling down, your friends are always there for you, and always make you feel better. I am grateful for my friends, because they are always making me laugh and smile, and they truly make me like home. My neighbourhood is also my home because my neighbours always care about each other and volunteer to make the community a better place.

Home is an amazing place. At home, I can be myself, and I don’t care if I embarrass myself. I get very sad when I think of people who don’t have a home because they don’t have a place to go to if there sad or a place to feel safe. My home is a very special place, and I wouldn’t do anything to give it up.