Grade 5



Home,everyone is different so we all feel and see home in different ways,some feel sad in their home and others feel happy.Home to me is my happy place I can always trust anyone around me and when I talk to someone at home I know they will listen.To me ,home is where the heart is.

Home can feel like a place where you can cry,laugh,smile because everyone around you will make you feel better. When I get home from school it makes me feel cozy and making want to go to bed,and when I am about to go to school or I have a big day in front of me home makes me feel prepared and ready for what’s coming. When I sit down in my home I feel like I could just fall asleep because it is so cozy.

My family and I live at home they are the people that always make my day better. These people care for me and help me with everything I need. Every weekend, my family and I watch a movie and that is always one of my favourite parts of my week because we are all so close together and it is calm.

I think everyone should have a home so they can enjoy their days and look at something that you can go home to after a long day or trip.Some people don’t have a home that is made out of four walls. To them home does not need to be a building or a structure it can be anything but they still call it home because they love it and feel happy in it.

My home is special in many ways,my home is special because I can share a room with my sister and I can go on my trampoline. I am very lucky to have my special home because there are many possibilities. I can invite people to my house,I can eat in my home,I can learn in my home,and last but definitely not least I can spent time with my family.