Grade 6



Home…It’s not about where you live or what you live in, a home can be basically anything, my point is,is that a home doesn’t have to be a house. You can call a city you’re home and that’s alright, and even though you’re in you house you can call your room you home because that’s where you hangout the most, and you’re room is the place you feel the most safe or comfortable.

A home is a place where you feel safe,without the security that you and your family take care of I don’t think you would call the house you live in a “Home”. Now what’s really important is family without family it’s almost certain that you won’t feel very at home and you also won’t feel very happy without any company.To call a home a home in my opinion is your choice.

Your home is a place where you can celebrate a birthday or a holiday dinner, but i’ve been saying “home is a place where…”, but really home isn’t a place it’s a feeling so, like I said at the start of this paragraph “home is a place where…” but what I really meant was, Home is where you feel you can celebrate a birthday or a holiday. So like I said home isn’t a place it’s a feeling.

Now, it comes to the conclusion of the meaning of home. Everything I said about a home does matter but what really matters is no matter what you say about a home the real information is…

Home is where the heart is.

-Gaius Plinius Secundus