Grade 6

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia


My home is a place that is full of peace,
where I feel safe away from the beasts.
The front door is closed and none of the groans,
where I can have fun and hold my control.

My home just feels perfect when I walk inside the door.

It’s not just a roof over my head, it’s a place of happiness with my family and friends. I can sleep there at night, with beautiful dreams and all of the memories that I feel. When I move out when I’m older I will never forget how many memories I had there with my family and friends!

When I’m in my backyard with the rain falling down I can run into my house and won’t feel the cold. The smell of food, a roof over my head, my family, and my parents’ hugs that feel great. I feel the warmth right here in my home. With all of the things that I need to survive, the smile on my face can change my life.

In the winter when the snow is falling, I go down my hill, all excited and roaring, when I’m done from outside, drinking my sweet hot chocolate, I can watch my movies right here on my bed. I come home every day from school where I can play my video games with my friends and don’t need to worry about what’s happening in the world.