Grade 4



Home. when I think of Home I think of this place where all your worries fade away,where you free to be yourself,surrounded by your loved ones and a warm place .This is why I love my home. When people ask me what the difference between a house and a home I say a home is where your family is and a house is just a building. When I’m at home I feel safe I get to tell my family about my day,sometimes you talk about your highs and lows,you have a roof to keep you warm and dry from the rain,money to buy food and furnatior and clean water.where family memories grows where you can express your feelings and not be in a trapt place.I wish everybody could have a home.every night I pray all the homeless people will have a home and God would be with them.I’m am confident in the homeless,they haven’t given up. In the Bible Isaiah 32:18 chapter 18 it say “My people will abide in a peaceful habitation in Secure dwellings and in quiet resting places”.Home is like a warm hug.God created people to be so elegant so should treat them with also feel really good when you give.