Grade 5

Medicine Hat


What home means to me. Yes home is shelter, but not only that, home is a safe place where you should feel comforted and comptorable. Home has your parents, gardien, grandparents, or siblings. Home has everything you need there.Home is a place where you have fun and laugh and hang out with parents or siblings. Some don’t but my family and I have a family dog and some have family pets other than dogs.Family pets are great to have for extra company.Even if your family doesn’t have a lot of money or a big house that doesn’t matter what matters is that you have shelter and a family that you can talk to. If you are less fortunate then be happy and positive and be grateful for what you have, and what you’re a part of. Stay safe, happy and positive through any bad times that you go through. I hope you don’t go through anything bad but stay grateful.