Grade 5

Medicine Hat


Home means to me a place where you should feel safe. Home means to me that you should feel protected and warm. Home is a place where you get to eat dinner with your family at the dinner table. Home means to me that you get cuddled up in warm blankets, light the fireplace and sing. Home means to me mom makes you cookies when you have your first heartbreak. Home is considered your first fight with mom cause you did not get your own home but then again would you want your own home all lonely? Home is where you celebrate your birthday and when you just turned ten dad pushes your head into the cake. Home is where you sleep with your stuffed animal even though you’re 18. Home is when you get scared of a nightmare and run into mom and dad’s bed. Home is where you celebrate Christmas and give mom her wallet back that you took to give to her for Christmas. Home is when you invite friends over for a sleepover but they get scared because they don’t feel at home. Home is where you and mom sing in the mirror while getting ready and dad and your little brother tell you guys to be quiet. I think home is important to have because you are with your family (and that’s really all that matters). Home Is the best place on earth I would rather be home than anywhere else. Home basically is the only thing in life you need besides your supportive family. Home is a place that loves you back even though you’re different because you eat the toothpaste. Home is a place where you lose your first tooth and get mad because it’s gone and you cry.