Grade 5

Medicine Hat


Home means to me where I live and have a splendid time in my life and I feel really safe in my home. My home is where I live and have a lot of fun and basically have my whole life there and enjoy my life or even myself. I love my home, family, pets, and friends. My house is quite big and small at the same time but that makes it the best home ever in my opinion and I feel like everyone should have a home or even an apartment because I feel quite bad for them. I do love how some homes are made tall, short, wide, skinny and way more. At my home there are quite a lot of doors, rooms, walls and alot more and a home is where you live and care but it doesn’t matter where you live and a home is a home. I do hope you know that caring is very important and you give to some people like gifts, money, food, water, even a toy and that helps them and they can do it to others and it goes on and on forever. I am proud of my home and if someone wants to talk bad about it that would make me sad and I just think some people should just be more nice sometimes to make more people smile and make their day but feel good about their home. Home is a place you feel loved and I know because you can care about others even if you feel like you are not loved you are in so many ways. Home is also a place to care and help in so many different ways each day so be proud and that is what home means.