Grade 5

Medicine Hat


Today I am going to explain what home means to me.Home is where I live and where I feel comfortable I have never felt comfortable anywhere else In my life.Home is an amazing place to me I always feel loved when I am at home.When I see poor people or anyone that is poor on the street me and my family always invite them over to have dinner lunch or any kind of food sometimes.We pay there rent even if there just a stranger.I just love it when nobody has to live on the streets because home is everything in everyone’s life.If there is a snow storm and there is so much ice on the sidewalks and everywhere around the town or city it’s not safe for people to be out.So if there is just someone of the sidewalk crying for food me and my family give them a lot of food a place to sleep have new close.My family have done that a lot.Thats why everyone should have a home have a place to sleep and a lot of food.No body should have to sleep on the sidewalk and on the streets.I just wish that I would be able to get the whole entire world all the people my family has help know there rich they have a home and are helping others in need.No body should be treated like this ever help someone in need give them a home give them money so they can get a home.Home matters in everyone’s life no matter what.Some people are so spoiled that there home isn’t big enough.Someone that doesn’t have a home would be happy to have only 1 bedroom.Home is the place you feel really happy people that have a home even me are usually always comfortable but others aren’t at all because there is no home.I love my home no matter what size it is I love my home.My home has everything I would want it has my family,my room,my siblings,parents,food,washroom anything I could imagine that’s why always help people in need and be grateful for your home no matter what size.