Grade 6

Medicine Hat


Home is a place where I can relax and enjoy my life. At home life is exactly what every person would dream of, at home we have the right to cry and feel sad or angry, at home we live to be the person we are today. My home means a lot to me and I’m 100% sure everybody feels the same way I feel about their homes even if the are hiding that feeling. Home is your own environment where you can freely express yourself and live life to its fullest. I hope everybody likes where they live and who they live with, because you’re lucky you even have a home. Think about the people who don’t. Home is a place where you can dream about anything you want and nobody will discourage you. A home is an amazing place to be when you are sad or lonely because you can talk to your family or anybody you trust that is at home. The best place you can go in the world is home. Just think how lucky you are, just think about all the possibilities you have, think about life at home. Always be grateful for what you have and what you get because not everybody gets to have the same feelings as you and I. If you ever receive something just think wow, I am so lucky to have what I have. The feeling of life at home is astonishing, and all those people with homes are extremely lucky. Always live life to its fullest and remember that you are lucky.