Grade 4



I remember when i didn’t have a home, it felt like i was invisible and no one cared about me.

But now i have a home it’s where my dreams come’s where i make precious memories with my family.home is a place where i am warm and i feel safe.home is the perfect place to rest if i feel drowsy and tired.

Home consists of a mother, father, and children. For me, my father is the walls of our house. He makes us feel safe and secure. My mother is the light of our house. she makes us feel warm and lightens our day. children like me, are like decorations in our house.We are the beauty and happiness of the house.

In our house we put God first as our centre of our house.this is a place where we eat, pray, have fun and rest altogether.whenever I’m at home i feel an explosion of happiness.there’s always a smile on my face, when i see my family in my house.

We have family rules such as: first no arguments allowed. Second, no complaining about our daily food. Third, we always make sure to ask everyone how’s our mood for the day. Fourth, we always see to it that we have family bonding every Saturday. We always pray together at night.home is where my heart belongs to.