Grade 5

Medicine Hat


Home means to me that everyone gets to have their own moments and memories. To me home is a really important place for everyone home is a place where people spend time together with their loved ones. People always laugh and have fun times in their homes kids,adults,elders,pets literally everyone. No one is left out, everyone is always welcome so i see why everyone thinks home is so important. I love my home. I always have fun with my sisters. I have fun working with my mom. I love my house. Home to me means happiness, love, kindness and more, I love my home so much that everyone that I love is in the one and only place. I think that so much love and feelings are gathered in that one place that my roof is going to explode. I love each and every person in that household so home means love and affection to people and pets. People love to just express their feelings because they feel safe and happy they feel so secure and amazing because they have the carriage to let out there feelings and cry it out, I love my home so much because it’s a safe place and i trust everybody who lives there because i’m their family and family sticks together all the time no matter what happens because family is family and nothing can ever change that not even other family. I get why people are so grateful for their homes, families,and alot more than just that and a little thing that I know is always sticking together no matter what happens now i know that family means love and kindness. Thank you for listening, remember always stick together no matter what love is important.