Grade 4



If I lost a house I would be very, very upset every day, cold, scared and wet. I wouldn’t like to be wet and hungry every day.

If I have a house I would be happy. I’m sad for the Homeless but I’m happy because I have a roof over my head. I’m not wet, not cold, not scared. I’m very very happy every day. I’m not hungry every day because I get proper food like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What home does mean is a nice warm place where I get loved and cared for. What home means to me is not being squished in one place. I don’t like to be squished in one place because I like being active. If you aren’t active, you could get sick. If you get sick, you could lose money, and that is how you could lose your house.

Not having a home means not having money. If you don’t have money you can’t take care of people, children or even your animals but no children or anybody and all you have is a dog or an animal or even A bird but it is important to have someone to talk to so you’re not lonely all the time then you will wonder all the time why doesn’t anybody want to be spend time with me? It isn’t very nice to avoid homeless people because they need money and you can’t earn money then you will be more homeless. If you ignore an homeless person they would feel sad, invisible, mad.

I feel happy to have an home it is important so.
I feel sad for the homeless.