Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home isn’t one single thing it can be many. Home is a place where you feel loved, Home is a place where you can love. Home is a place for family and friends, Home is a place for listening and caring. It doesn’t matter where your home is I have many home’s. I’m home when in school, i’m home when with friends, i’m home when in England and i’m home when i’m in Canada. Home is where i feel safe, Home is where i make others feel safe. Home is where i eat home is where i sleep. When i’m home i feel happy when i’m home i feel sad. Home is where i want to be home is where i can’t always be. I’m not always home, sometimes I don’t feel safe but i know wherever I am my home will find me.sometimes home is gone it is out of site, there is no light when home is gone. Even if there is no light I will get home. Normally.