Grade 4



The Meaning of Home

Everyone deserves a home. This contest will hopefully help many people have a home. Home is the centre of my life. Home is where the heart is.

A very important part of home is family. I trust them, and they trust me. They love you unconditionally. No one will ever love you as much as your family. Home wouldn’t be what it is without family.

Home gives you shelter from many things. It can give you shelter from rain , snow ,and wind but that’s not all. It gives you shelter from the outside world. For example, mean words, hatred, sadness. Home is a place of peace of mind.

At home, you are accepted for who you are. You feel valued, unique even. It’s a place of understanding and appreciation. It’s a place to unwind and be you.

I hope that by entering this contest I help all people have a home. Everyone deserves a home. That is the meaning of home to me.