Grade 4



What does home feel like to me? A home is a place that is comforting. It is a place where my family lives with me. My family makes me feel loved and warm in my home. Home is where my happy place is. Home is where I keep my memories. It feels refreshing as I walk in. I feel protection all around me. Once I get in I talk with my family. My home is also a peaceful place. No danger comes before me in my home. My home is what I call home.

Home is a place where you feel happy. Like your happy place! You feel refreshed when you walk into your home. From all the trouble out your home, your home will help you forget all about your troubles. A home also makes you feel loved. Your family snuggles around you to keep you warm and loved. You feel like bringing joy to other people around you. A home is a place where you can be calm. If you feel angry, your home will help you feel calm. your home is were Gathering with your family and feeling the love of Jesus in you harts. A home brings memories to your mind. Like you did your favorite thing in your home that made you feel happy. You will feel protected and safe in your home. When you feel like there is a battle happening. Happiness surrounds you as you walk into your home. You feel happy. Your community surrounds you.

Home is peaceful place to be. I am thankful that God gave me a home. I hope that God blessed you with a home. I am happy to have a home.