Grade 4



Home is everything.

To me home is a place that feels warm and safe.

Home is where I feel loved and have fun with my sister, mom and dad.

I feel visible and have the freedom to do anything.

Home makes me feel proud and awesome.

It’s a place where my family is happy, safe and cozy.

It’s a place where I can be myself, have good dreams and feel happy.

Then when I come back from school, I always feel welcome.

When I come home from school, I open my door and I see my cute little dog wagging his tail and jumping up on me.

And on the weekends … we make chocolate chip cookies!!!

On cold winter days… we have hot chocolate with marshmallows in it!!!

If it was warm enough, we would have snowball fights!!!

Whenever I have a bad day at school, I get back home, it’s like the bad day was never there.

Home is everything.