Grade 4



Home is the place where I can feel safe and free.
Home is as comfortable as sitting by the fireside drinking a warm cup of tea
Home let’s me be whoever I want,
And will always have a different font.
Home let’s me know that I am so honored to have a cozy place to go on a snowy winter day.
Home is where I will stay for long,
And it is where I play ping-pong.
Home is where my heart is,
And makes me think of all that I have achieved.
Home always welcomes me with a nice smile and warm cozy hug,
And tells me that I can dump out all my thoughts and feelings.
I know that home will stay with me wherever I go,
And I know that I can trust that home is more important that a few pieces of furniture.
Home may have it’s ups and downs.
But it will always have a crown.
It makes me so crestfallen to think of all the family’s that don’t have a cozy place to go.
Home is more than just a place, it’s a feeling of care and love.