Grade 4



Home makes me feel blissful because I can be with my thoughtful family, my major poodle and my minor yorkie. I also have so have a shadowy bunny named, Luna. My home sure is filled with pets because I also have lots of teeny fish too!
One word to describe my home is, optimistic because I can feel safe and I always feel loved. Another word to describe home is mind blowing because it is one of my biggest happy places. It is one of my happy places because I actually want to be there.
M y home also makes me feel comfortable because I have my own room for privacy, if I just want to be left alone. It is also very comfortable because I have lots of furniture including my bed, couches, and a dinner table.
Electronics make me happy because I can just relax in my large bed and play some games. Not just video games though, I also have board games in my basement. Some electronics that I have in my home are xbox 1, tv´s, phone, ipad, and computers.