Grade 4



Home means to me a place where love is boundless, a place where no one feels left out. Where people make you laugh and feel safe. You can learn and experience the fun filled life with friends and family.

My home is a great place to be. When I come home from school all I smell is the delicious meal we will have for dinner. When I get home my dog comes over and greets me with kisses on my legs!!! I could never ask for a better home than this. My house is filled with family I have my mom and dad my big brother Evan then it would be me Aly my little brother Joel and my little sister Kara and my dog Macey. When I go to bed in my cozy pjs and get all snug in my bed it is very quiet it is as quiet as a mouse. All you can hear is dreams soaring through the air. When I get up refreshed and awake my mom has been up for a while preparing our lunch and breakfast. Once you are done eating breakfast you get ready for school and hop in the car and drive in a warm vehicle.

Sadly, there are some out there that don’t have that stuff. When I think of this my heart sinks to the ground with great sadness. I wish that everybody will have a warm place to live, and have a place to call home.