Grade 5



Home means safety to me. The first reason home is safe to me is that I can play video games . The games that I like to play are ark and GTA5 . The second thing
is my dog, rocky. Rocky makes me fell safe because when someone comes to the
door he doesn’t know he barkes. The third thing is that I can shop and it doesn’t take
long since I live right beside Walmart to buy toys. And I obviously buy rocky toys to.

Xx I’m safe , I can sleep, I can eat, I can shower, I can shop, I can have sleepovers, I can cook, I can play video games,these things make me happy but when I get upset and yelled at I get super upset set and destroy my stuff and I’m lucky to have a brother because he helps me when I’m upset at home and his girlfriend helps me with homework so I’m super lucky.