Grade 6

Christopher Lake


Home is not just walls and a roof,windows and the doors. Home is a feeling as well as a solid structure. To me home is where you can be yourself and not feel judged or insecure just loved. You can feel safe, both physically and emotionally secure with your family, whatever your family might look like.

Home is a place to spend time with the people who love you the most and that you love the most.

Home Is where you can laugh, be silly, play, have fun and enjoy being a kid.

Home is a place where you learn to be responsible and to take pride in whatever you do. Home is a place to learn, grow, make mistakes and move on from those mistakes.

Home is learning to be a good citizen and helping others out that are not as lucky as we are. It is contributing to the food and clothing drives at our church and our school. It is helping friends and Neighbours that need help.

Home Is a place to make memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Memories of cooking with papa playing games with Mama and during puzzles with baba . Sitting by the fire pit with friends and family.

Home is celebrating holidays and family meals eaten around the table together.

Home is love, security, laughter and memories.