Grade 5

Red Deer


Home and what it means to me is so much harder to explain, than you would think. It is as much about how you feel wherever you are than being in an actual place. I will try to explain in my own words what it means to me and how it affects me in my everyday life.

A home is where you feel happy and safe! This could mean you are with your loved ones and be anywhere and at any time or in any location. Some people are not fortunate enough to actually have a house to live in , but still make the best out of everything by being with the ones they love the most and who care for them just as much as you care for them.

A home is a feeling of being cherished and being blessed to be with the people who mean the most in the world to you. A home does not need to be any one place, it can be wherever you feel loved, some people live in houses that are big, small and even in crowded places. But if you live in a place that you call home it can be any place or with anyone who makes you feel safe, loved and happy.

A person can have more than one home. You can have a home with your relatives, even your friends and neighbours. because you are loved and feel safe with the people who love you and help take care of you, with your family and even friends.