Grade 6

Conception Bay South
Newfoundland and Labrador



I think home is a place where everyone is welcome.
A place where everyone should be smiling.
A place is different then home because a home is where everyone loves each other
And that what makes everybody welcome.

Home is a spot where people have dreams
And they come true when you are at the amazing place called home.
And where you eat and where you drink.

Home is a place where you can express your feeling to everyone there.
Home is a place where you can play anything like Fortnite.
This amazing place called home is you can anything there it is Awesome.

My home is filled with flowers and a happy tone.
Also you can do anything and people have a good time at my house.
We have a movie day of the week because we love to spend time together.
We are a very healthy family we do lots of sports and eat healthy foods.