Grade 5



Home a place we can share love and care, and snuggle up close to the ones we love most.
Like the adventures around every corner. If we fall we get back up stronger than ever.
A home is a place you can settle down after a day of working hard and laughter.
We unite as one family. This is us and we’ll always be us. We laugh, we cry but at the end of the day that doesn’t matter. But now it’s time to go to bed in our soft snuggle bed with a roof over your head.
Good night family goodnight house goodnight everybody around the world today.
To laugh and celebrate the day away with all our friends, bolt around and play with the people you love. We moved into our new home now. We have much more memories. I love our new home, a place we all care for. The family loves a hopeful heart that is the thing that keeps the house strong.