Grade 5



There are many things that I love about my home. The first thing is my home is a really safe place to be in. The second thing is I love to spend time with my family and my friends at my home. The third thing is I can have lots of fun there. I love it because it keeps me safe from all the bad things outside.

My home is safe to be in because it is warm and dry. There’s lots of places to be quiet and not a lot of noise. It’s a place to be myself and not be judged by anybody else. To be loved and accepted for who I am. I feel loved in my home.

I like to spend time with my friends and family at home. I like to play games together, especially when I win!! I love watching movies and watching shows with my family. I love watching the Calgary Flames win. We like to bake in the kitchen and our favourite thing to make is Toblerone cheesecake and lemon cheesecake.

There’s lots of things that I can do that’s fun at home. I like to play cool games with the Xbox like Star Wars and beach ball buggies. In the winter I like to make cool forts in the backyard to play in. We like to make forts inside out of blankets. In my room I like to play Lego Friends and make cool designs.

I think that everybody should have a home just like mine. My home is safe, I get to be with my friends and family and I have lots of fun there. I am grateful to have a home and I wish four of a good of life in my home.