Grade 6



Home means the world to someone like me,
Because home is the place where it’s peaceful and free.
Home is where all the memories fly,
And home is where all the problems shrink ‘til they die.
Home is always filled with warm gentle smiles,
Home is the place you’ll always miss no matter the miles.
Home is where everyone’s kind,
Home is where you can take things off your mind.
Home is the warmest of all the places,
And home is filled with familiar faces.
Home is where everyone’s there for each other,
Home is where we help one another.
Home is just always so sweet,
Home is where no one feels incomplete.
Home is where everyone’s safe and protected,
And home is where everyone’s really respected.
All the people at home is what makes it so special,
They make it feel happy and not at all stressful.
Home is a place to forget your worries,
Home is filled with amazing childhood stories.
Home is where I always feel welcome and where I belong,
Home is sweet and wonderful just as a song.
Home is so cozy like a big wonderful family hug,
Home is warm like drinking hot chocolate in a colorful mug.
Home is special to everyone in their own way,
And home is the place where I just wish to stay.