Grade 5

Nova Scotia


If I had no home,
the streets are where I would roam.
But, I am fortunate enough to have a place to call my own.
Home is safe home is fun,
And there is a yard with a place to run.
Some people don’t have a home,
No place to call their own.
They have to live on the streets,
All alone, with nothing to eat.

A home to me, is somewhere to play,
Somewhere to stay, somewhere to be today.
A home to me is somewhere warm,
Somewhere to get out of a storm.
My home is somewhere safe to stay,
Somewhere I can love my family every day,

A home is where you can be yourself,
Where you don’t have to pretend to be anybody else.
My home is somewhere to be,
Somewhere to live happily.
That’s what home means to me,
A very happy place to be.