Grade 6



Home is a place where happiness is everywhere you look. Home is a place to spread happiness to others if someone is feeling blue, help them and their spirits high. In my home we keep each other company by playing board games and watching movies all together and not one soul gets left out. Home is a place to feel safe and comfortable without worrying about anything. Home is a special place. I can live in any old house, but any old house doesn’t have the joy, laughter and, memories my home has. my home is in a great free country –no war-just peace. My home dares me to do new cool things. Even if I could change it I would never because it holds my childhood memories. If I changed it, I would change my childhood forever. Home is a place I can talk about my dad and not feel out of place. Home is a place I can share my ideas and not get in trouble. Home is a place where I can clear my head. Home is a place where I love and appreciate what I get and try to give back.