Grade 6



A home is a place where it makes me joy full. A home can be place with many cultures, religions and back grounds. No other building is better and more protective than a home. A home can be a place with lots of joy and lovable memories. The home is the heart of the family. A home is a place with many fun and enjoyable times. With a home you won be soaking wet from the pouring rain, won’t get a heat stroke from the boiling hot summer and won’t be harmed at all

The point that I am trying to say is that with a home is a place where I can enjoy my freedom and know that nobody is going to take it away from me thanks to my house is like a giant wall separating me from harm.

My home is a pace where I can be loved by my family and be trusted by my friends and my family friends. My home is where I can trust my friends and family friends. I have made lots of friends that I trust because I have a home. Beside my home is a neighbor that I can trust.
Our home is not a prison but like a paradise with lots of joy and happiness. My home will always be special to me no matter what. I know my home will always keeps me safe.