Grade 6

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia


A place where I can go.
To chase the bad and make it go.
To make your worries leave your head, to keep them from a major dread.
It’s not a place, with four walls, it’s a place with hugs for all.
I open the door with the key, expecting family to reach out to me.
Home is a place with warm sun, beaming down on everyone.
When I walk into my place, I feel that I can have my space.
Peace is something really loved, when you’re home, it fits like a glove.
Telling the truth at home is great, when I make a big mistake.
Home is where I get cared for, when I am really bored.
Home is where I turn my frown, the right side up, which is upside down.
I bundle up with my cuddles, ready for family, to snuggle.
After I have some bad, home makes it, really rad.
When I feel really snappy, I go home to make me happy.