Grade 6

British Columbia


Home is a place where I feel comfortable. It is a place where I have air conditioning when I need it. People out there don’t have one which is really sad. Sometimes they are in the streets living in tents or don’t have anything at all.
This is why you should be grateful for what you have. How would you think it would feel to not have a heater in the winter and be living out in the street? Next time you eat that meal think about those people who can’t even afford a piece of bread. I am going to tell you what home feels like to me.
Home it is a place where I feel safe when I sit down on the couch and watch TV. It is a place where I can stand up and help myself to what I want to eat .Also, it is a place where I can sleep nicely and not worry about what I am going to eat for breakfast. So you see, please donate if you can give anything.