Grade 6



When most people hear the word home, their brains automatically think of their own house. A lot of the time they do qualify as most people’s home, but not always. To some people they don’t think of the house they live in as safe. I think a home is somewhere you feel safe, accepted, happy and many other good feelings. A home can be anywhere, where as a house it just where you sleep. Your home can be different than all of your friends, not all homes are where you live.

Everyone can think of their house in less than a second, but can YOU think of your true home. A home is not necessarily where you live, a home is where you can be yourself without feeling judged, where you feel out of harm’s way, and where you can do the things you love. In somewhere that is not your home you can feel insecure about anything, like the way you look or what you like to do. But being truly home, you feel free to do and say whatever you want whenever, if it makes you happy . You do this without feeling judged or harassed in any way. Also in my opinion the biggest factor of being considered safe. Some people are being mistreated and don’t feel safe at home, so their definition of home is somewhere else. For example, some people feel more safe at school or at say an arena or sports center. You should feel happy and loved at home.

Sometime people use home as an adjective. If something feels safe or I feel comfortable, you can say “this place is very homie” or “ I feel at home here”, in the sense of trying to say that you feel safe or unjudged. For me, I can be at home almost anywhere. As long as I don’t feel harmed or scared, anywhere can be home. I feel home with the people I love. Whether it’s my litteral family or my figurative one, they should make me feel safe. So, usually if my loved ones are anywhere I know, we feel safe together. Since I play hockey, I feel at home with my team or at the arena. My team makes me feel whole and at home. If you have a non blood related “family” being with then can make anywhere feel like a home. Also, if you are enjoying yourself and truly living your life, home can be wherever you want it to be.