Grade 5



Home. It means something different to all of us. To some people it’s a place where you can lay your head and watch the world go bye, for others, a safe haven to get away from those who haunt you. Some people take their home for granted and we don’t realize. We never notice other people don’t have homes, let alone food and somewhere to relax.
When you walk, drive, or bike home, think about the life of someone who needed shelter or help paying their bills. Think how their life is different from yours and why, think about how they might have got there in the first place. Maybe there’s a way for you to help them? Maybe? It’ll help you understand what other people are going through. You never know.
My house is really nice and I have everything I need. I’m able to have hobbies like playing baseball, football, ultimate, and other sports. I have a loving family who supports me and think other people deserve that too.
Home. That’s what home means to me.