Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia


“Home isn’t a place it’s a feeling” (quote by Cecelia Ahern)
After a stressful day at school I come home and start to relax and take it easy . A home is where you should feel loved, appreciated, safe, and relaxed. It’s where you make life long memory’s and where people can visit and, most important, it’s where the love is.
Everyday, 4.9 million people, in Canada, don’t have a place to call home. When we wake up in the morning, the heat’s on, breakfast is cooking, and your about to take a warm shower. A home is one of the many privileges we can have and afford. However, when homeless people wake up, it’s cold, probably have nothing to eat, and scared. Scared because they don’t know what’s going to happen next.

In a home you can feel and be safe, protected, and warm. When a danger comes near your family, you and family are at risk. But, a house can provide safety when you need it most. This may be your side of the story, but people who are trapped in poverty, all they can do is run and hide.

Love is the final step to make a house a home. Love is patient, kind the truth and hope Everyone wants these things in their home. A hug from dad and a kiss from mom, a smile from the neighbor, friends visiting. This is love. And everyone deserves it.
A home is where you should and can feel safe, loved, happy, and make memories. Poverty is a big issue, but if we all work together we can help end this issue. I believe everyone deserves a home. After all “A home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”. (quote by Cecilia Ahern)