Grade 6



When I say home, I automatically think of comfy, welcoming and safe. Home means a lot of different things to different home feels exactly like that. My home is not very large it isn’t very small either, but home is home. It doesn’t matter how big or how small or how many people live in your home, it’s where you live and that you have a home. I have a fridge filled with food, I have a comfortable bed that welcomes me every morning and night. I have a dresser that has clean clothes that I use every day. I also have my own privacy, and my sister will help me when I am sad, and I will help her as well. When I go to sleep, as I exhale and inhale the clean clear air, as I fall into a deep, deep, sleep. As I wake up tired as always, I walk downstairs to discover a loving family awake. I say hello and then I go to get some breakfast. I wash my dishes head to my room and spot all my clean clothes in my drawers awaiting my arrival. My meaning is not what others might be but mine is loving, caring and fun if I don’t see you in my home again good night!